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Our company is committed to providing the highest level of service to meet customer needs without compromising its compliance with legal regulations, responsibility to guarantee food safety and environmental sensitivity.


Our company has assimilated the following principles as Food Safety Policy;

  • To produce according to food safety standards, legal and regulatory requirements.
  • To ensure safe food production by providing hygienic production conditions.
  • To gain awareness of food safety and quality system to their employees.
  • To make process efficiency sustainable through the Food Safety and Quality Management System, which aims at continuous improvement through periodic reviews.
  • Food Safety issues; to contribute to the development of food safety and quality understanding by establishing effective communication with the suppliers and customers in the food chain.
  • To consider all customer feedbacks as strong data for detecting of the issues that are open for improvement in the company, and accomplish these improvements as soon as possible.
  • Encourage innovative and creative approaches by providing the necessary training to increase the knowledge and skills of well-educated employees.
  • Continuously improve operational efficiency by following technological developments.
  • Evaluating domestic resources as a substitute for imported raw materials.